this is so much my life it’s not even funny.

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wow yes yes yes please keep vlogging i'm so damn proud of you that you are giving it a shot! even your very first post is something that we ALL deal with and can relate to and you have such inspiring words to share. i have a feeling this is the beginning of some really great strengths for you :) k i'm gonna stop fangirling now this was awesome <3

I love you so much thank you!! <3 <3

Also I miss you like crazy and am determined to visit you as soon as I can. First thing I need is money to make that happen… Ahhh

This is a vlog.

I don’t pretend to be good at these. But here are some things I’ve been thinking about. Vlogging is one of those things that terrifies me and makes me extremely uncomfortable, but I want to get better at it, so I’m pushing myself to make some vlogs.

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this is awesome


Bethann Hardison on racism in the fashion industry.

From About Face: Supermodels then and now

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“Lady Stardust” Editorial for Framed Magazine Special Edition 2013
MUA/Hair: Jen Johnson
Styling: Colin Boettcher
Model: Jesse Stewart with Ford
Assistant: Chris Scott
© Cassie Doumas 2013

very cool


Petition to throw Richard Dawkins into a large, smelly bin with broken glass and rusty nails. Please sign.